Thursday, January 7, 2010

Update 2010 - no more symptoms

As we start the year 2010, we now know what it is like to have a child that is symptom free of her long standing BPT. The past nine months have only experienced a couple of very mild migraine type headaches - nothing like Suzanne used to have during the BPT years. Alleluia!
We now have much fewer missed work days, more time enjoying our family, and less stress coping with all of the ramifications of the BPT episodes. Suzanne continues to be a happy child, excelling at school and other social activities. She is a pre-teen, so we are noticing the hormonal changes and mood swings. The joy of parenthood, right?
We want to encourage you to persevere with physicians and health care people that have never been exposed to BPT. Share what you know, and trust your instincts in seeking treatment for your child. Do not succumb to unnecessary medication once this diagnosis is made. Our experience is that the seizure medications have no measurable effect on the BPT episodes, but have side effect possibilities that could be a negative factor long-term. Seek guidance and understanding from a pediatric neurologist.
We are always available to share our knowledge, and now can be found on a Facebook page, too. With love and understanding, The Rivera Family in South Carolina, USA.