Thursday, March 8, 2012

BPT and Hearing Loss

My daughter was diagnosed with BPT after an excrutiating first year refuting many misdiagnosis', as can be seen during the early history posted here. We noticed something was wrong in the first six months of being born.
I post this because the earlier studies on BPT mentions a causal relationship with hearing loss. Suzanne was diagnosed with hearing loss at 3 years of age (she also became Type1 - insulin dependent at age 6) and has been wearing hearing aids ever since - not covered on most insurance plans!
Since then, I have heard many questions about hearing loss on the Facebook forum, usually from families with no prior history of auditory problems. Although I can find no proof, probably because of the ignorance of the medical community and the lack of profit from such a "small" group of patients ( after all, they all "grow" out of it, right?), I personally believe there is a relationship there somehow. I can not explain it, but believe there is an auditory, imbalance, spacial connection somehow.
Incidentally, Suzanne is a straight "A" student, typical teen, with a very mature awareness of her physically tested past. Her BPT lasted 10 and a half years before "resolving" itself. I can not remember the last time she had a migraine headache - probably more than a year ago, but she can get strong headaches that we treat with an Advil type analgesic with higher doses - 400 mg four times/day.
I hope this helps answer some of the recent inquiries I have had.